In the new world of technology, what was once believed to be science fiction is now a reality. Self-Driving cars produced by high-tech car companies like Tesla offer “drivers” a vast range of options in this private atmosphere on the road.

If people aren’t driving, then what are they doing in this newly gained free time? Dating Advisor and the casual dating community interviewed 12,821 women and men about “Sex on Wheels”.

Respondents were specifically asked:

What activities could you imagine doing in a self-driving car to take advantage of the time gained?

Results as follows (multiple responses were allowed):

  • 70% of women and 72% of men would like to try sex in a self-driving car
  • 19% of women and 20% of men would rather look at the countryside, nap, or listen to music
  • 18% of women and 17% of men would prefer to focus on the traffic
  • 11% of women and 9% of men are interested in chatting, playing games, and talking on the phone
  • 8% of women and 6% of men look forward to reading and watching movies in the relaxed environment

Though the future looks rather sexy, sex in the car is not a new phenomenon! The car has long acted as a retreat for the well-known quickie.

With this in mind, we asked respondents who has already had sex on a car trip, whether recently or in the past, without the self-driving robot car.

  • 1 in 4 passengers have pleased a driver during a car ride
  • 6% of drivers have pleasured the passenger
  • 8% of respondents had sex in the back seat during a car ride
  • 12% of women and 11% of men have masturbated in the car
  • 7% have had sex on public transport, such as bus or train
  • About of respondents have had sex in a parked car

Further details, additional findings and assessments can be located here.

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