Now on to the second most important part of your dating profile: the profile itself. Think of this as your sales pitch, and the product you’re selling is you. This is where you can give more information about yourself that your photos may not be able to convey. All sales pitches start with a good impression, and because not everyone reads the entire profile, it’s important that the most important information about you is right there at the beginning.

Most online dating profiles are divided into parts that are designated by different text fields to guide users in filling out their profiles. These text fields are key to an impressive profile. Everybody can answer a yes or no question, or select from multiple answer choices, but not everyone can write an outstanding profile using their own words.

Be honest, be creative, be funny and be charming. Instead of saying you have a good sense of humor, write something that will elicit a chuckle or at least a smile. Make it “conversational” by directly addressing your reader. Instead of telling them that you are a sweet person, tell them what you would do to make them feel appreciated and loved. Use verbs, not adjectives.

Avoid text that you just copied from the internet. Quotes, slogans and poems won’t help you get a date. Probably not even a message.  Be original.

Profile Do’s

  • Be honest, charming and funny
  • Use verbs, not adjectives
  • Be original

Profile Don’ts

  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t be arrogant
  • Don’t copy from the internet