There’s no other way to say it, photos matter more than anything else when it comes to online dating profiles. Your main photo serves as an invitation for a closer look into your profile, or a deterrent. The other photos are just as important. So what are the things that you should keep in mind when choosing photos for your online dating profile?

For your main profile photo, make sure that you are in it and your face is clearly seen. It’s not a good idea to use a photo where you’re wearing sunglasses, because as they say, the eyes are the window to your soul. You don’t want give the impression that you’re hiding something. Avoid unnatural facial expressions as well.  Like the duckface. You may think you it’s attractive, but it’s not  

A photo that shows a lot of skin isn’t a good idea either. If your photo of choice shows your cleavage, or your washboard abs, ask yourself what it is exactly that you’re looking for. Because revealing photos tend to give the impression that you’re looking for a hook-up, they, in turn, attract people who seek the same.

Also, it’s best to avoid using staged or photoshopped photos. They look great, sure, but they would create problems later on when you have to live up to the photo. Disappointment is one reason first dates don’t turn out well.

The same rules apply in choosing the other photos for your profile. But here you have a little more freedom in how you can present yourself. Make sure you include full-body shots and photos where you’re doing something you love as opposed to photos where you’re obviously just posing. Use these to give potential dating partners a glimpse of what your life is like, but avoid photos where there are children, even if they are yours. Authenticity is key, but having children in photos, or cropping out another person, is generally considered tacky.

Your photos should be interesting enough to make them want to get to know you and eventually want be a part of your life. Bathroom selfies and nude photos obviously won’t do the job unless you’re only looking for sexual adventure. As a general rule, choose photos that you yourself like. Confidence in yourself and your profile is very important and your photos should convey this.

Profile Picture Do’s

  • Show your face
  • Include full-body shots
  • Use photos that you like
  • Be authentic
  • Be interesting

Profile Picture Don’ts

  • Don’t hide behind sunglasses
  • Don’t use blurry photos
  • Don’t use revealing photos
  • Don’t use group photos